We have a partnership with Socomore, a specialist in aeronautical chemistry which has developed a 100% biodegradable exterior aircraft cleaner solution. Socomore has been manufacturing for 50 years solutions for the aerospace industry including Original Equipment Manufacturers, Maintenance Repair, and Operations. Their products are designed to improve processes, performance, safety, and environmental impact while reducing operational costs. Their OEM-approved products are used at all stages of the manufacturing and maintenance processes: solvent or water-based cleaning, paint tripping, corrosion protection, adhesion promotion, coating, surface treatment, non-destructive testing.


For Dry wash, we recommend SOCOCLEAN EXTERIOR AIRCRAFT CLEANERS, the 100% plant-based, biodegradable and Safe to use cleaner. Compared to high pressure cleaners that require hot water rinsing with a high pressure washer, SOCOCLEAN EXTERIOR AIRCRAFT CLEANER used with AW3 offers a dry wash solution with real benefits: 99 % water saved during aircraft cleaning; does not require waste water reprocessing according to the site regulations.

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For Wet wash, we recommend SYNCLAIR A/C, efficient petroleum solvent-free water soluble cleaner for aircraft exteriors and parts. Used with high pressure system, SYNCLAIR A/C is an extremely efficient way to wash heavy dirt and is often recommended as the deep wash method before upkeeping the result with dry wash procedure.

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